Who We Are

“Brahman nerds”

That’s what Brandon and Rachel Cutrer proudly call themselves. They have built their family and business on the pillars of faith, courage and integrity--the same attributes espoused by generations of Texas Brahman breeders before them.


In 2018, after nearly a decade spent tirelessly improving their cattle, the Cutrers formed Brahman Country Beef LLC, the first 100% Brahman-branded beef program in the U.S. This beef comes from purebred Brahman steers bred, raised and fed on the Cutrer Ranch, delivering the fruits of their carefully curated genetics to the plates and palates of thankful consumers. This vertical integration has allowed the Cutrers to experience the full breadth of the beef supply chain—from seedstock bull sales, to helping good Brahman cows raise healthy calves, to marketing retail beef. Brahman Country Beef owes its success to the Cutrers’ intense focus on carcass improvement in their herd over the last decade. The data supported their confidence in their cattle. Their leap of faith has paid off, with Brahman Country beef having been shipped to and served in homes and restaurants across the country, and featured on such popular platforms as The Food network.

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No Hormones

Our cattle are bred to be efficient converters of forage to beef, and so we don't use growth promoting hormones, ever.

Ranching Is Our Life

Ranch raised beef is just better. But, since not everyone can keep a cow in their backyard....we do that part for you. Ranching has been in our family for over 150 years. You can trust us to do what's right for our cattle, our land, and the planet.

USDA Inspected

We only process with USDA inspected facilities, insuring the highest standards of food safety and wholesomeness.

What We Stand For

Above all else, we believe in family. That’s why our family works so hard to bring the best beef to your family’s table. Drawing on more than a century of Texas ranching legacy, we do everything in our power to leave the land better for the next generation. We practice the finest techniques in humane animal handling, and are proud and involved members of our tight-knit local community.


Where We're From

Brahman Country Beef was founded by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer, owners of B.R. Cutrer Ranch deep in the heart of Texas. The BRC brand has long been known for next-generational innovation, but their simple-yet-profound family heritage of cattle, land, faith and courage remain at the core of everything they do. Seven generations of visionary Brahman ranchers paved the way. These brave men and women worked tirelessly, risking everything to build a better life for their family.

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Our History


B.R. Cutrer Ranch

A Texas Brahman ranch based on a family heritage of cattle, land, faith and courage. For over a century, ranching has been in our blood, and we wanted to share a bit of our heritage with you, so you can get to know the ranchers raising the beef you serve your family and friends.

Pictured: In 1831, Major Andrew Northington left North Carolina and H.T.T. - "Headed to Texas." He received a land grant as part of Stephen F. Austin's third colony in Texas.

In 1855, Rachel Ann Northington McKenzie Hudgins registers her cattle brand in Wharton County, as a widow woman in an untamed land: Texas. She along with her four sons build a ranching stronghold in Wharton County that still stands today.

Gustavous Banowsky, our 2x great grandfather serves as a Texas Ranger in the Big Bend region, including facing Indian raids and driving cattle on the Chisolm trail.

Rachel Cutrer's ancestors facilitate an importation of Brahman-type cattle from Brazil. These cattle shaped the American Brahman as it is today.

Brandon Cutrer, pictured far left, served as the president of the Mississippi Junior Cattlemen’s Association, allowing him to attend national beef industry events and network with beef industry leaders. This foundation sparked his interest in the beef industry and ranching.

Rachel Cutrer was a member of the Junior Meat Judging Team at Texas A&M University. Every time her team visited a packing plant, her coach would find a rail of Brahman carcasses and point out the low marbling quality. Rachel made a vow to herself that one day she would be able to change the industry's poor perception of Brahman cattle.

After the two Brahman nerds married, they sat down and said, it's time to step up. As the two best young Brahman breeders in the world, if we don't start improving Brahman carcass quality - who will? Brandon Cutrer stepped up and led the charge. He began spearheading the largest carcass evaluation program of purebred Brahman steers in the ABBA’s Carcass Evaluation Project over the decade of 2010 to 2010, and improved our average percentage Choice from 20% to 60% during this time. This was the foundation for our branded beef program.


After nearly a decade of improving our cattle, we formed Brahman Country Beef LLC, the USA’s first 100% Brahman branded beef program. This beef features purebred Brahman steers raised and fed on our ranch, featuring our genetics. This program allowed BRC to basically experience the beef supply chain full circle – from seedstock bull sales, to selling retail beef. This program was only possible due to our intense focus on carcass improvement over the previous decade. We had the data, and the confidence in our cattle to take a leap of faith and start this program. To date, it has been a huge success, and is shipped nationwide and served in homes and restaurants. The beef has also been featured on The Food Network.



In 2021, Brahman Country Beef introduced FitBeef, a new product line focusing on lean Brahman beef with that exceptional flavor. Research from the University of Florida has proven that Brahman beef is better in the "healthy fats" compared to any other beef breed. FitBeef is available as 93/7 ground beef, sirloins, flat irons, and more. The FitBeef partnership is a collaboration of other leading Brahman cattle ranchers in the USA and will be available online in fall 2021.

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In our industry, your brand is more than just a name. It’s a trusted brand built by one of the leading Brahman families. Welcome to the family.


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