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Rachel and Brandon Cutrer live and breathe the Brahman ranching lifestyle. 7th and 8th generation cattle ranchers, they work every day in the family businesses, B.R. Cutrer, Inc., and Brahman Country Beef Genetics, and now Brahman Country Beef® , which was established in 2018. In addition, Rachel is the CEO of Ranch House Designs, a leading agri-business marketing agency. She is also the author of Sarah the Showman and other children’s literature series featuring characters from cattle ranching families. For adults, she has penned a Livestock Marketing series and the Ranch House Journal.

Every calf born on the ranch is personally raised, fed, and cared for by members of the family (including Brandon and Rachel’s own daughters) and the dedicated BRC ranch team. It takes a devoted team to provide the utmost care and ensure superior cattle health, nutrition and quality. It’s the family’s way of sustaining their ranching heritage and providing a safe, healthy protein choice for other families who love beef and enjoy supporting local farms and ranches.

Brahman Country Beef® is sourced from Brahman cattle born, fed, and raised in Wharton County on the world-famous B.R. Cutrer, Inc. Ranch. Cattle are hormone-free, grass fed, and grain finished. Dean & Peeler Meat Works, a Texas certified facility, ensures high quality marbling and tenderness. Brahman Country Beef® is available for local pick-up and shipping across Texas.

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What Makes Brahman Country Beef® Different?

In the USA, you can buy beef from tons of stores, any day of the week. You can buy beef at super low prices, and you can buy steaks that cost hundreds of dollars.

But Brahman Country Beef® is different. How?

  • We are the USA's first 100% Brahman beef program. Since our creation in 2018, Brahman beef has grown increasingly popular and other breeders are getting in on the Brahman beef action - but Brahman Country Beef® was the first and is the leader in Brahman beef sales in the USA.
  • We believe Brahman beef is different. It tastes great. It has health benefits. And it's ranch raised in Wharton County, Texas by true ranchers who consider it their life's work to ethically and humanely care for the animals God has entrusted to our care. Brahmans are developed from an ancient cattle breed pure of India. In fact, most every animal in the Brahman Country Beef® program can trace it's lineage direct from the pure Indian cattle that originated the Brahman breed back in the 1920s.
  • There's a science that goes into our beef. In 2010, we had a goal to start a Brahman beef company. So, we started benchmarking our cattle to see how our beef quality stacked up against the mainstream beef industry. Guess what we found it? It didn't. We had a lot of improvement to make. But, over the next decade, we carefully audited our herd for beef quality - specifically marbling and tenderness. We carefully bred cattle that had the genetics to produce better beef. And, it worked. At our last carcass evaluation program, we had over 65% of our herd grading USDA choice. We also use ultrasound to measure the marbling of the cattle on our ranch. In 2020, every animal ultrasounded on our ranch met the threshhold of 4.0% IMF - meaning they should have the marbling needed to reach choice. We went from "zero" to "hero" in a decade.
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In our industry, your brand is more than just a name. It’s a trusted brand built by one of the leading Brahman families. Welcome to the family.

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