Beef Recipe Ideas for the Holidays

We’re just getting started for holiday season 2019, and so we wanted to share a few quick and easy beef ideas to incorporate into your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s festivities.

There are a TON of great recipes available on the “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.” website, specifically designed for holiday cooking.

There are several great recipes to incorporate a Beef Roast into, like the Garlic Crusted Beef Roast.

There is also a really cool Tri-Tip recipe, and we have Tri-Tips in stock if you’d like to order a tri-tip from Brahman Country Beef.

Also check out their Italian Beef Meatball Sandwich Rolls, made with ground beef.

Whether you’re looking to cook a mouth-watering roast to impress your friends, or a quick and easy meal for a large group of friends and family, beef is the perfect protein choice for your holiday meals.

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