A New Flavor Experience

The moment it hits your tongue, you’ll notice the difference. There’s a reason Brahman Country Beef has developed a cult following among beef lovers who appreciate the rich, hearty flavor other beef has never given them. On top of that, Brahman beef packs a unique nutritional punch, most notably offering lower fats than other breeds.

Grass-fed, grain-finished and hormone-free, Brahman Country Beef® is the perfect protein choice for the health-conscious, flavor-craving beef eater. 


No Hormones

Our cattle are bred to be efficient converters of forage to beef, so we don’t use growth-promoting hormones. Ever. Period.

Ranching Is Our Life

Ranch-raised beef is just better. But, since not everyone can keep a cow in their backyard, we do that part for you. Ranching has been in our family for over 150 years. You can trust us to do what’s right for our cattle, our land, the planet and your family.


Brahman Country Beef is only processed in USDA-inspected facilities, ensuring the highest standards of food safety and wholesomeness make it to your tab

Brahman Beef Burgers

Taste and See the Difference

Tired of the same old grind? Then you need Brahman burgers in your life!  Brahman Burgers, by Brahman Country Beef, are taking burgers to the next level. From backyard griling, to corporate events, to restaurant pop-ups, once you have a Brahman Beef Burger, you'll never go back to your old burgers. 

What makes it better? People compare it to eating yard eggs vs. store bought eggs. You really can TASTE and SEE the difference. Then - there's the  FLAVOR. As featured in Bon Appetit, Brahman Country Beef has a sweet but robust, earthy beef flavor.  Our ground beef - the secret ingredient in Brahman Burgers - is available in 1 pound, 2 pound, 10 pound, and 25 pound units. 

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Become an Everyday Gourmet

With Brahman Burgers, you can impress your family and friends by turning your home grill into a gourmet experience. Sunday nights are perfect for firing up the grill and doing a burger night--a.k.a. Bun-Day Sundays! And don’t forget, Meatloaf Monday, Taco Tuesday, enchiladas and more. Brahman Country ground beef is perfect for all of it.

Have a Patty Party!

Our 25 pound box of ground beef is perfect for parties!

This box, which sells for $100, includes 25 pounds of delicious Brahman Country ground beef in 1- or 2-pound packages. This will provide you with 75 to 100 burgers (depending on how thick you like them!) Burger Boxes are available for pickup at our Wharton retail freezer or by appointment in Boling.
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Brahman Burgers Elevate Your Corporate Events

From corporate picnics, catered events, church socials and everything in between, serve Brahman Burgers and create a memorable experience for everyone at your cookout. 

Everyone at your event will be raving about the flavor of Brahman burgers. We also can provide your event with promotional signage for menus, table tents, and promotions to let your guest know you've gone the extra mile because they go the extra mile for you!

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In our industry, your brand is more than just a name. It’s a trusted brand built by one of the leading Brahman families. Welcome to the family.


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