Brahman Country Beef / FitBeef & Volleman’s Home Delivery

The milkman is making a comeback! We are so excited to announce that we are partnering with Volleman’s Home Delivery to bring Brahman Country Beef and FitBeef straight from our ranch to your door. This new way of delivery is taking place in the Dallas – Fort Worth area this week and we couldn’t be happier that our delicious beef is a part of this unique launch. The home delivery service not only offers beef, but also a wide variety of products ranging from its allnatural, Texas-made dairy products to locally sourced bread, produce, pantry staples, and more delivered to you by your very own milkman. Volleman’s Home Delivery is offering several of our most famous Brahman Country Beef and FitBeef products. This includes regular and new lean ground beef, New York strips, ribeyes, sirloins and filets.

Registration for Volleman’s Home Delivery is now open for the Dallas – Fort Worth area! You can register and order a variety of unique and local products online at, leave a cooler or milk box on your doorstep the night prior to their delivery, and your very own milkman will deliver the items directly to your home on a specific delivery day! There is also the option to order a la carte weekly or set up standing orders to always have necessities on hand with no minimums or contracts. Coolers and old-fashioned milk boxes can be ordered directly from Volleman’s Home Delivery’s website. Delivery routes are currently focused in one area, but Volleman’s Home Delivery has plans to expand and add new routes based on customer interest. “If you want to enjoy the nostalgia of the milkman, we encourage you to register for the service and encourage your neighbors to do the same. We will select new routes based on the density of existing registrations. The more interest in your specific area, the faster we will get to you,” said Shatto. Volleman’s Home Delivery comes from a partnership between Volleman’s Family Farm and Matt Shatto of Shatto Home Delivery, a home delivery service focused on bringing the milkman back.

For more information, follow Volleman’s Home Delivery on Instagram at @vollemanshomedelivery, on Facebook at Volleman’s Home Delivery, or visit the website at