Camp Cook: James Poole, September 2019

One of the best things about offering Brahman Country Beef to the public is that we get to meet so many interesting and exciting beef connoisseurs. So each month, we will be featuring a Brahman Country Beef “Camp Cook” of the month, named after the olden days of western cattle drives and cookouts.

September’s official “Camp Cook” is James Poole, a Texan who loves fishing and grilling.


James is a machinist for an oilfield company and basically enjoys every cut of beef! When he wants a tender, moist, lean steak, he opts for a filet. If he’s looking for a flavorful, medium roast he selects a tri-tip. If it’s just him, he likes a hanger steak. And when he feels like being the boss of the pit, a brisket. And, who can forget the ribeye!

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