All the Brahman Beef Flavor Without the Fat

Introducing FitBeef™

A remarkable new private label protein brand for health-conscious consumers

FitBeef is 100% Brahman beef, which is proven higher in polyunsaturated fats including omega-3 and omega-6 fats. These essential fatty acids aren’t produced naturally by the body - they can only be achieved through the food you eat. These essential fatty acids are what our bodies need for brain function and cell growth, and are good for the heart in several ways. Brahman beef is also proven to be lower in the ‘unhealthy’ fats (saturated fatty acids) compared to other beef types. All the while, Brahman beef is known for its robust flavor, juiciness, and versatility for all types of recipes. .

Proven Healthy

Research from the University of Florida has proven that Brahman beef is better in the "healthy fats" compared to any other beef breed. FitBeef is available as 93/7 ground beef, sirloins, flat irons, and more. The FitBeef partnership is a collaboration of other leading Brahman cattle ranchers in the USA and will be available online in fall 2021.

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