Hump Yeah!

What rare Texas beef delicacy is taking the area by storm?  Why, it’s Brahman hump of course! When local Brahman ranchers Rachel and Brandon Cutrer started their Brahman Country Beef business to supply locally raised beef to friends and customers, little did they realize what a sensation they would start.  It’s literally brought a whole new meaning to “hump day.”  

 The most prized cut from their Brahman steers isn’t the ribeye or filet steaks as you might expect, though customers give those rave reviews; it’s their Brahman hump roast.  Even many cattlemen don’t realize the hump is edible and most have never had the chance to try this delicacy. Because prominent humps are only found in full blooded Brahman steers and each steer has only one hump, the novel roasts are in short supply and usually the first cuts to sell out each time a new order is available online.  

The Brahman hump, a trademark characteristic of this breed vastly popular in the southern US and all over the world, is actually a well marbled, boneless, muscular area.  It’s best compared with a tender brisket and the most popular way to cook it is low and slow over the pit, Texas barbecue style.  

 I’ve been wanting to try it myself and was thrilled when my friends Brad and Ana Macha snagged one online with a recent beef order.  Brad asked long-time friend Gary Vincek (owner of renowned Vincek’s Smokehouse in East Bernard) to barbecue it for him. Brad then shared a few slices with me. 

 Gary said “I’ve barbecued a lot of things over the years, but never a Brahman hump.”  Brad and Gary sliced into it at the smokehouse so Gary and crew could have a taste. “It was very flavorful and much more tender than I expected,” Brad said. “I was impressed with the rich buttery flavor from the thorough marbling in the hump.  Having a few slices was a real treat!”

Barbecued Brahman cattle hump raised by locals who trace their Wharton County ranching lineage back to when Texas was still a Spanish colony.  Does it get any more “Texas” than that? Be lucky enough to snag one of these special cuts from and any day can be Hump Day at your house!