Unique Cattle, Unique Beef.

Step aside, all the other breeds. Brahman beef is in town. Bon Appetit TV said "we've never tasted anything like it" and said Brahman Country Beef® had "flavor for days!" 

Once you taste Brahman beef, you’ll understand why. There’s a lot of good beef out there, but beef lovers fawn over the sheer amount of robust beef flavor packed into every bit of Brahman Country Beef®. On top of that, Brahman beef packs an added nutritional punch, maintaining strong marbling, but replacing bad fats with good fats—making it a heart-healthy choice. Brahman Country Beef® is the perfect protein choice for the health-conscious beef eater who craves amazing flavor.

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The Next Big Thing for Meat Eaters and Grillers

Brahman beef packs a huge flavor punch - and yet is also a lean beef option that is also heart healthy. That’s why beef lovers nationwide are shipping Brahman Country Beef from coast to coast. They can’t get enough.

Yes, it tastes great - but when you factor in how Brahman cattle are the planet’s most environmentally friendly breed of cattle - that means you’re not only eating great beef - you’re doing good for the planet too.

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Beefed Up Health Benefits

Brahman Country Beef® is a safe and healthy source of protein. Grass-fed, grain finished, and hormone-free, our beef is also rich in:

  • Iron
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids essential to maintaining a healthy immune system
And, Brahman beef is proven higher in omega-3 and omega-6 fats and lower in saturated fats compared to other beef types.
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Raised with Pride from the Cutrer Family to Yours

Texan cattle ranchers Rachel and Brandon Cutrer know a thing or two about Brahman beef – they are 7th and 8th generation Brahman ranchers with agricultural roots dating back to the 1800’s. They work together every day on their family land, where they’re committed to optimal cattle health, nutrition, and quality.

Rachel's ancestors were pioneers in bringing the Brahman breed to the United States. So, it's only fitting that the Cutrer's were the first family to bring a branded Brahman beef product to the USA marketplace. In 2018, they created Brahman Country Beef as a way to share their eight generations of ranching heritage and give others a safe, healthy protein choice with a flavor you won't soon forget.

Buy Brahman Country Beef at The Ranch Downtown in Wharton, Texas

The Taste of Texas

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From Our Family to Yours

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Brahman Burgers

Burger Up!

Adding a Whole New Meaning to Hump Day

Move over Taco Tuesday, because Hump Day is about to give you some serious competition.

Brahman cattle are famous for their humps – not just because they’re such a unique visual characteristic, but because they taste great, too.

Known as the “Cupim” in Brazilian culture, Brahman humps are Ideal for roasting and smoking, Brahman humps are a wildly popular delicacy in many countries thanks to their hearty, delicious flavor. Prepare the hump as you would a brisket and turn Wednesday’s night dinner into an unforgettable feast.

*Due to the nature of this beef cut, hump products are limited and typically sell out within minutes of being re-stocked. Please join our Beef Mailing list to be notified when humps are re-stocked.

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Find Brahman Country Beef at These Restaurants


Damon's Real Teas BBQ
Wharton, Texas
Uses Brahman Country Beef for Lengua
Can utilize our beef for catering by request.


Rice Country Grill
El Campo, Texas
Uses our ground beef and New York Strips


Wharton, Texas
Uses our ground beef


Needville, Texas
Uses Brahman Country Briskets
Can utilize our beef for catering by request.


Chuck's Flavor Train
Vallejo, CA

To inquire about using Brahman Country Beef for your restaurants or special catering events please contact haleigh@brcbrands.com.

With Brahman Beef, It’s Always Grillin’ Weather

Ideal for grilling, our select cuts of Brahman Country Beef will inspire you to get out your favorite grillin’ utensils and fire up the grill!
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Brahman Country Beef® Featured by Bon Appetit

Check us out at the 6:54 mark to see how Brahman Country Beef® fared against other breeds!
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Brahman Country Beef on the Menu for Texas Students

Through the Texas Farm Fresh Network, Brahman Country Beef® is approved for use in school lunch programs in Texas. We offer delivery for Wharton, Fort Bend, Austin and Matagorda countries, along with other programs within a 50-mile radius of Wharton and Boling, Texas.

Through participation in this program, area students will enjoy safe, healthy and local beef that will energize them and play a vital role their diets with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals helping them grow strong.

The Texas Farm Fresh program supports local farmers and ranchers, bringing in-season produce and nutritious meat products to students at peak freshness. The Texas Farm Fresh program is managed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, and aims to provide food to schools, summer meal programs as well as child and adult care centers.

To order Brahman Country Beef for your schools, email office@brcutrer.com.


Welcome to Brahman Country!

You could fit the entire population of Wharton County, Texas (and then some!) into Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Yet, our humble slice of heaven is recognized as the home of the finest Brahman cattle in the world. And we are proud of it. 

After passing the “Welcome to Brahman Country!” billboard, stop in the town square to admire the Brahman cattle mural. Then, head on over to the ranch, where you’ll meet the Cutrer family, who have worked this land for 150 years to breed the cattle used as the worldwide gold standard. Rachel and Brandon Cutrer and their kids work together every day on this family land. Brahman Country Beef is their way of sharing eight generations of ranching heritage with your family. The result? High-quality, healthy, wholesome beef with a flavor you won’t soon forget.

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Get notified when new cuts are stocked!

Join our mailing list to get a 1 day presale opportunity when we restock every month.
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Do you want to start your own farm to table beef business?

When we started Brahman Country Beef, we were very inexperienced in what it takes to build a beef brand, and truthfully we were flying by the seat of our pants those first few weeks. As more people are moving towards a "shop local" movement, we feel that farm to table businesses are very important. We've developed an online course that explains how to start a farm-to-table beef business, and discusses the challenges and questions we wish we knew when we started!

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"Our Brahman Country Beef Steaks were a big hit tonight! The NY Strips were beautifully marbled, tender and tasted amazing! We'll definitely be back for more!"

- Ramona P.

"The ribeyes were excellent! Very tender and tasty. We only season with salt and pepper... that's all a good cut of beef needs. We will definitely be ordering again!"

Tommy U.

"Tonight we cooked one ribeye and one tenderloin on the grill. They were both delicious and had great flavor. And very tender! Just thought I would let you know."

- Lisa F.

"My husband said the ribeye has awesome flavor!! Thank you!"

- Ashley S.

"Love the Brahman Country Beef! The thickness of the cuts looks spot on!"

- Tammy L.

"We made carne guisada out of the cutlets... it was off the chain!!!"

- Leslie R.

In our industry, your brand is more than just a name. It’s a trusted brand built by one of the leading Brahman families. Welcome to the family.


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